Carter Hargrave Martial Arts Teacher Tulsa Oklahoma

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For the moment Hargrave is engaged not only in the teaching activity. He is also a bestselling writer in the field of martial arts. Through his media companies he is selling over hundred thousand copies of his works on the worldwide arena. 

Carter Hargrave is a leader of World Jeet Kune Do Federation and is using this style, which was by the way founded by Bruce Lee, in his instructing. 

Not just anyone can enter Carter Hargrave‚Äôs school of martial arts and self defense. To enter his award winning private school, which is not open to the public, you have to apply with an application like to any other major university. You must have a desire to better yourself, put in the effort as Hargrave himself gives his students his all. 

First of all you need to decide what exactly you need from your karate style and school. More specifically you will need a goal or desired outcome for your martial art training. If you have no idea what you want in your art, you will get just that. 

A right choice must be made. If not, you will be simply wasting your time and money. We will help you make a conscientious decision through our website application and information on many different styles as well as the two systems that we actively teach. Hargrave Martial Arts Tulsa Karate and Jeet Kune Do will help you organize your life; we will make you stronger spiritually and physically. Our school will help you find the right way.