Carter Hargrave’s achievements were recognized worldwide. In 1995 he received the Instructor of the Year award.

He was the youngest person to be promoted to Professor of martial arts. In 1995 he was appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board Member.

The same year he was also appointed Director United Kung Fu Federation of North America. One year later, in 1996, he received the award for Best Martial Arts School in the United States.

The US Congress and the United States Senate recognized his achievements and his excellence in teaching students in Oklahoma. 

Carter Hargrave’s system that he founded is known as American Combat Kempo. Kempo is Japanese meaning law of the fist. T

he system includes strikes and punches from Karate, Jointlocking and throws from Ju Jitsu, and weapon use and defense from weapons such as sticks, swords, knives and firearms.