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Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave believes he was very fortunate to have trained in "a not so effective martial art style" and then moved to “real” martial arts. That way he could truly appreciate all his current arts have to offer. 

"I also am very fortunate to be from Bruce Lee’s lineage from his school in California, where I learned the hard way on how the traditional arts that I had trained in for years had left true self defense behind."

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Carter Hargrave began his martial arts journey at age seven. Now many years later as a professional full time martial arts teacher and director of two international associations (World Jeet Kune Do Federation; Bruce Lee Style, and World Kempo Association; Kempo meaning Fist Law.  Carter Hargrave now holds seven black belts in all. 

Black belt instructor rankings held are; Tae Kwon Do (meaning way of punching and kicking) First Dan Black, Goshin Jutsu (Traditional Self Defense) Third Dan Black, Ju Jitsu (Gentle Art) Eighth Dan Black, Kempo (Fist Law) Tenth Dan Black, Kung Fu (Skilled Man) Eight Degree Black Sash, Arnis (Stick and Knife Fighting) Guro.

In 1992 Carter Hargrave founded the supreme self defense martial art style known as American Combat Kempo (This new art has also bee referred to as Combat Martial Arts in reference to the name of one of Hargrave’s first schools). 

American Combat Kempo has been formally recognized as a system through numerous organizations worldwide, and many of its techniques were used by the United States Marines training center program in its Combat Development Center as it was called at the time. Carter Hargrave is a holder of the tite of Soke or founder, and for American Combat has the tile of Grandmaster. 

Carter Hargrave is also Grandmaster in two other different martial arts styles of Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu.

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