Carter Hargrave is currently teaching at his private school in Tulsa and he also teaches self-defense to agencies and sometimes individuals. He speaks at international seminars on this theme and he accepts to also speak at special events.

He is a respected member of his community, and he teaches self-defense techniques to volunteers that go to violent areas in order to help others or ensure peace.

The private school approach is a distinct departure from what the public is accustomed to in the martial art school world. The usual is if you have a check book you are in. Hargrave did not like this way of running a school. He found himself teaching many students he wished he wasnt.

Now every student that walks through the door of Hargrave Martial Arts has been accepted after filling out an online or email application. They also must pass a background check to make sure they have no violent incidents or serious crimes in their past.

The application itself is usually enough to weed out those who dont have a serious desire to succeed in the martial arts. If its the least bit hard most people just dont have it in them to put forth the effort. Those are the ones I dont want at my school.